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Nearly 4 months ago

Snapdeal Independence Day sale: GoPro Hero 6 available at Rs 33,499, and more deals

Joining Amazon India and Flipkart, Snapdeal has begun its Independence Day sale. Snapdeal’s ‘Deals of India Sale’ will go on till August 15 with

Nearly 4 months ago

Ex-Google employee calls plans of censored search engine in China ‘stupid’

Google’s reported plan to launch a censored version of its search engine in China has come under heavy criticism from a former Asia-Pacific head

Nearly 5 months ago

Google rolls out ‘Scheduled Routines’ for its smart Home speakers

Google is finally rolling out the “Scheduled Routines” feature for its smart “Home” speakers that would help users make multi-step actions repeat on specific

Nearly 6 months ago

Google Translate App Gets AI-Powered Offline Mode on Android, iOS

Google is rolling out an update to its Google Translate app that will enable translations even when you are offline. In 2016, Google had implemented ‘Neural

Nearly 2 years ago

Nasa’s Scott Kelly to Return From ISS Next Week

Nasa astronaut Scott Kelly who along with Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Korniyenko arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) in March last year will return

Nearly 2 years ago

New Laser Propulsion System Could Get Humans to Mars in 3 Days

For humans to arrive at the Red Planet with the available technology, it will approximately take five months to touch down on the Martian

Nearly 2 years ago

Nasa Releases Strange ‘Music’ Heard by 1969 Astronauts

Nasa has made public a recording of strange “music” that astronauts reported hearing in 1969 while on the far side of the Moon, out

Nearly 3 years ago

Nasa’s Hubble Spots Mammoth Cloud Boomerang Back to Our Galaxy

Nasa’s Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a monstrous cloud of hydrogen gas that is plummeting toward our galaxy at nearly 1.1 million km per

Nearly 3 years ago

Nasa’s New Horizons Probe Captures Pluto’s Blue Atmosphere in Infrared

Nasa has released an image capturing the first look at Pluto’s blue atmosphere in infrared wavelengths which was taken by its New Horizons spacecraft.

Nearly 3 years ago

‘Robodogs’ With Hi-Tech Vests to Help in Disasters

Scientists at Tohoku University and other institutions have developed a system featuring a high-tech vest that can be attached to search dogs and transmit