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Nearly 3 weeks ago

In a First, IBM’s Computer Debater Faces Off Against Itself

IBM’s Project Debater was for the first time being pitted against itself HIGHLIGHTS IBM machine was tested at the Cambridge Union The computer system

Nearly 4 years ago

Where to Watch Free Movies and TV Online

The spread of broadband Internet is changing the way we watch TV and movies. A lot of people are cutting the cable company cord

Nearly 4 years ago

Running Linux From a USB Drive As a Virtual Machine or Bootable Disk

Live Linux environments work just like a typical operating system but run entirely from a CD or USB stick — the latter being the

Nearly 4 years ago

Fire TV vs. Roku vs. Chromecast: Between a set-top box and a streaming stick

As Amazon Fire TV ($99) bursts onto the market to compete with streamers like the Roku 3 ($99) and Apple TV ($99), you may

Nearly 4 years ago

Screenshot Sharing in a Snap: 7 Free Alternatives to Droplr

Many of us here at TechSpot use Droplr on a daily basis to quickly share screenshots. While this simple app is great at what

Nearly 4 years ago

A List of Common Default Router IP Addresses

Here’s the scenario: you are trying to fix a relative’s network issues and you need to access their router’s browser interface. We’ve all been

Nearly 4 years ago

Why Owning a Real Camera Matters

When one of my best friends unexpectedly died last year, his family turned to me for photos to use in the slideshow that would

Nearly 4 years ago

The Dos and Dont’s Of Water Cooling

Cooling computers has evolved in the last ten years to the point where there are more options to satisfy all kinds of needs. All

Nearly 4 years ago

Check If Adobe Flash is Installed, Then Get Rid of If

Flash, it’s been a good run. We’ve had a lot of fun together, but it’s time to get some distance… permanently. That doesn’t erase