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Nearly 3 months ago

Amazon Apple Fest: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, MacBook Air, and Others Get Discounts

Highlights Amazon is running a sale on select Apple products until February 21 In addition to price discounts, there is a no-cost EMI offer

Nearly 3 years ago

Four Steps to Father-Friendly Community Institutions

Parrish is a 24-year-old father in Chicago. He wasn’t very engaged with the children he fathered as a teen, but a community-based fathering program

Nearly 3 years ago

Four Ways to Encourage Kindness in Students

When I was a teacher, at the start of each school year I couldn’t wait to try out all the classroom management tips I’d

Nearly 3 years ago

Eight Tips for Fostering Flow in the Classroom

It’s every teacher’s dream to have students who engage deeply with their lessons, want to learn for learning’s sake, and perform at the top

Nearly 3 years ago

Three Ways Administrators Can Foster Teachers’ Growth

Educators know only too well that teaching is a never-ending learning process. It is less acknowledged that improvement in teaching can be enormously facilitated

Nearly 3 years ago

Four Ways Teachers Can Show They Care

If I asked you to tell me what you remembered most about your favorite teacher growing up, I bet you wouldn’t say much about

Nearly 3 years ago

How Self-Compassion Can Help Prevent Teacher Burnout

“You people, I hate your guts!” And so began the school year with Stephen, a student in my 3rd/4th grade classroom whose frequent outbursts

Nearly 3 years ago

The Misunderstood Middle Schooler

Last week, I met a middle school teacher who broke out in tears as she told me how her students’ behavior was “out-of-control.” I

Nearly 3 years ago

Do We Care for Our Teachers?

I like to think of school as a system with care at its core. And by “care,” I don’t mean the kind of intensive

Nearly 3 years ago

An Awesome Way to Make Kids Less Self-Absorbed

I’ve been inspired by recent news stories of children who are working to make a difference in the world, committed to projects much bigger