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Nearly 5 months ago

Preparing for Hurricane Season

Living in Florida means living with hurricanes. As the stormy season approaches, it’s important to be informed and prepared. There are some ways to

Nearly 6 months ago

Here’s why replacement windows, lawn mowers and home remodeling companies are at Summerfest

  Holly Joers signs up for an in-home consultation for her roof and siding from Elite Remodeling Group. (Photo: Alexa Buechler / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Nearly 1 year ago

Don’t Commit These 4 Mistakes While Buying Air Purifiers

Nowadays, the need to buy an air purifier for home has become really important. Without the presence of air purifiers, you may be risking

Nearly 4 years ago

Help! I Was Sold a Bad Home. Now What?

Sometimes all the safeguards the real estate industry has put in place to help prevent buyer’s remorse after purchasing a house still don’t work.

Nearly 4 years ago

New Year’s Resolution: Take Back Your Bad DIY Renovation

You’re inspired. That home design show made it look so easy and even explained how to re-tile your bathroom in a few simple steps.

Nearly 4 years ago

How to Get on Your Neighbor’s Good Side When You Move In

A disagreement between neighbors can escalate quickly. One minute you’re mowing your lawn, the next you’re plotting revenge on the homeowner next to you

Nearly 4 years ago

Current Design Trends That Will Date Your Home

The popularity of sites and apps ranging from Instagram, Pinterest and design blogs has given interior design a wider reach than ever before. But

Nearly 4 years ago

How Your Home Changes When You Telework

With winter on its way in, taking advantage of your company’s telework opportunity might sound appealing – but snow days aren’t the only thing

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Nearly 4 years ago

7 Things to Do Before Buying a Flipped House

House flipping has gained notoriety from TV shows like HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” and A&E;’s “Flipping Vegas,” but chances are the person who flips

Nearly 4 years ago

How to Find a Reliable Helping Hand for Home Improvement Tasks

Like many homeowners, one of your New Year’s resolutions may be to do some home improvements. Unless you’re handy, you’re likely to be in