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Nearly 2 months ago

3 Ways to Make Fluid Transport Operations Run More Smoothly

There are any number of reasons why you might be transporting fluids. From a byproduct of the manufacturing process to processing materials to everything

Nearly 3 years ago

Use WhatsApp on secondary phone with primary number

While carrying two phones is no longer as hip or practical as it was until a few years ago – blame it on the

Nearly 3 years ago

Lost your phone? Lock it first

In the office’s washroom, at the shop’s billing counter, in the autorickshaws and there are so many other places where we often tend to

Nearly 3 years ago

Facebook knows what you are thinking of buying, here is how

It’s not a secret that Facebook collects information about you. All web companies, especially the large ones like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc do. It’s

Nearly 3 years ago

Set alarm in Android phone without opening app

Dozy eyes, tucked in your warm bed and then suddenly you remember that you haven’t set the alarm yet! No, it’s not a tedious

Nearly 3 years ago

Never lose your phone contacts again

How often do you get posts saying “I lost all contacts on my phone. Please message me your phone number” on social media? The

Nearly 3 years ago

Phone slow? 10 quick fixes to make Android phone fast again

All computing devices slow down with the use. No, it has nothing to with the wear and tear. There is no such thing in

Nearly 3 years ago

Want some privacy? Go invisible on WhatsApp

In the good old days, when everyone was using Google Talk aka GTalk, it was easy to go invisible whenever. To seek some private

Nearly 3 years ago

Create your own music streaming service

These days we don’t carry around our music. We YouTube it or we stream it from various services like Apple Music and Saavn. But

Nearly 3 years ago

Phone slow? 7 tips to keep your phone running tip-top

No matter what phone you buy, there will come a time when it will get slow. You can’t help it. Your phone’s timeframe may